Boggabri residents were treated to a great night of entertainment at the Commercial Hotel on Saturday evening when Nathan ‘Whippy’ Grigg came to town.

Licensee Britt Poole and her husband Dave Poole are great supporters of Boggabri as well as local talent.

“Last year was extremely hard for everyone, hospitality, entertainment, local businesses and the community,” Mr Poole said.

“We just wanted to start 2021 off on a positive note and I saw where ‘Whippy’ was making plans for his 2021 tour and I said to Britt, we should contact him.

“Unbeknownst to me she did, and one morning she got this phone call, and I could only hear part of it but when she got off the phone I said, was that Whippy and she said, yes, and he is interested in coming. It just snow-balled from there,” he said.

Jarrod Scott set the tone of the evening with his music as patrons arrived and ate their meals and children exhausted themselves on the waterslide.

The star Nathan ‘Whippy’ Grigg brought the house down with his extraordinary whip cracking skills.

Being a true entertainer, he quickly had the crowd engaged with some people taking their lives into their own hands while helping with the entertainment.

Little Samuel Broadhead stole some hearts when he volunteered to make a train sound while Whippy cracked his whips.

As Whippy moved through his routine he explained his world records which are documented in the Guinness Book of Records.

To help demonstrate his world record of the most cracks, 697 cracks, with two whips in one minute he called up Sam Snape.

Sam was a little hesitant as he was to provide the entertainment after the whip cracking, however, he was brave and stood in front of Whippy while he cracked two whips at lightning speed.

Music plays a big part of the show and a group were quickly up dancing to the Nutbush dance while the whips were cracking.

Probably the bravest was Alex Williams who laid on the ground, taking a video of Whippy standing over her cracking two whips.

The whips on fire made for a spectacular end of the show.

“We are so happy, it’s been a big night, the crowd came, everyone is happy and that was our aim,” Britt Poole said.

“We didn’t know how the numbers would be as there is the rugby in Narrabri and the speedway in Gunnedah, but look at this, great numbers, everyone enjoying themselves, can’t ask for more, however we had fantastic entertainment, Jarrod is great, Whippy unreal and what a way to end the night with Sam, he is a wonderful supporter and entertainer,” Mr Poole said.

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