The elections for new councils across NSW have been further delayed because of public health concerns around COVID.

The new election date is Saturday, December 4, 2021.

However, a further few months delay before a new council takes over does not mean ratepayers can’t put forward their ‘wish list’ for the incoming Narrabri Shire council to consider in the four year term ahead.

So far, residents have nominated:

  • A parking strategy to provide more parking spaces to serve the CBD;
  • A roundabout on the corner of Gibbons Street and the Newell Highway was the first ‘wish’ put forward;
  • Improvements to the road to Pilliga.

A reader suggests -“my contribution to the ‘wish list’ for the incoming Narrabri Shire Council, regarding the road that runs from Wee Waa, through Pilliga, through Come-by-Chance to Walgett.

“This road is being used more and more as a thoroughfare by trucks.

“Even the section that is tarred from Wee Waa to Pilliga remains in bad condition, especially after rain, and is narrow considering trucks pass each other.

“The rest is a mixture of gravel and mostly black soil.

“The Walgett Shire Council has made a start in tarring the section from Walgett to Come-by-Chance.”

Another resident has urged the creation of more parking spaces to support the CBD businesses.

“Years ago it was suggested – among quite a few good suggestions – that the area on the southern side of the Narrabri Creek bridge approaches be developed as a car parking place.

“It would not take much to do.

“The road into Collins Park could stay and cars could park along the area adjacent to the bridge.

“I think it was said that about 60 cars could be accommodated. Then it is just a short walk across the road to the CBD.

“It will also mean that main street businesses staff won’t have to park in Maitland Street all day.”

Please send your ‘wish list’ suggestions to [email protected] 

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