Boggabri Business Chamber has been busy this year, with the team in the midst of planning a spring fair (COVID restrictions permitting) while continuing to roll out the Boggabri Business Beautification Project (BBBP).

The former has been running for 10 years in Boggabri and the team hope to feature market stalls, activities for kids and a fashion parade at this year’s event.

The latter has been underway for some time now, with the chamber currently hard at work putting together the plans for the next round of the streetscape program.

The funding for the BBBP is secure, but chamber president Jo Bell says she’s continuing to look for additional financial support to include even more businesses.

“Particularly new businesses, or those without shopfronts,” she said.

“Any additional funding can help us fill in the gaps.”

Mrs Bell hopes to have the current phase completed by Christmas this year.

“If you take a look around the town, you’ll see lots of new art that’s been installed as part of the project,” she said.

“And while these are beautiful additions to the town, the BBBP is about so much more than that.

“Boggabri can be easily underestimated, but this town has a lot to offer, the aim of this streetscape is to make these 50-odd local businesses and facilities known.”

“There are plenty of visitors who don’t venture far off the highway, or beyond our main street, so they’re missing some of Boggabri’s best kept secrets – we hope that, by brightening things up with these new artworks, it’ll catch the eye of some of those tourists.”

Mrs Bell is very pleased with the artworks so far, and is excited to welcome the rest of the designs with the local IGA to be made over next.

“The other great thing about these artworks is that they’re unique, you don’t see this kind of thing in every town,” she said.

“Plus, the designs are personalised to each business – Hassab’s Fashion Centre has boutique-style ladies in dresses painted on the building and the Commercial Hotel has LED lights to represent the local nightlife.”

The artworks span across a range of different mediums, according to Mrs Bell.

“We’ve got a painting across our storefront, as well as metalwork art, but each business is different,” she said. “We even plan on incorporating signage and footpath art, directing
visitors to different locations.”

The BBBP has been done in collaboration with local creatives, including Helen Stanley, Kim’s Custom Cutting, Slab Designs and more.

“And now that the chamber has been working with these artists, we’ve had even more reach out wanting to get involved,” Mrs Bell said.

“Word of mouth about the project has certainly spread to other talented creatives and we’re excited to welcome more on board where possible.”

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