So I often get asked about what’s the difference between agents, what should owners be looking for when they are choosing an agent to sell their home, or even buyers starting off on their house hunting journey.

To the casual observer it may seem that all real estate agents are created equal and that there is very little to differentiate between them.

From the outside looking in, I can understand this – agents just take a few pictures, whack it up on the internet, bang up a for sale sign and wait for the offers to roll in, right?

In my experience the best agents I have met and modelled my business upon, are great communicators first and foremost.

Building long-term relationships is the true secret to success in this industry and like any good relationship the same principles apply.

So choose an agent that you connect with and have a genuine rapport with as ultimately you will be entrusting your most valuable possession in their hands when you engage them to sell your home.

It is true that the harder you work the luckier you get, so you want to know that your agent is not a 9am-5pm clock-watcher.

Often the best time to find buyers at home and negotiate sales is in the late evening when all decision makers are present.

The best agents are also the hardest workers, no surprises there!

But how can you tell if every agent is promising you the world in order to win your business?

Ask for client testimonials or check them out on their website, as testimonials from previous happy and satisfied clients is the best indicator of an agent’s ability to deliver on their promises.

For example, we recently received these recommendations from some clients –

“Rochelle Rose, you’re amazing. From day one – you have been informative and on the ball with every aspect. We are both very impressed with you knowledge and professionalism. You are a truly an asset to the Hennessy Real Estate team.” – Heather Fogarty.

“A very professional team with impressive local knowledge and outstanding customer service. Cindy and team were prompt, unfailingly polite and kept me updated throughout the sale process. Highly recommended.” – Elizabeth Finney

“Crystal and Olivia of the Narrabri Office have been an absolute pleasure to do real estate business with. Very timely responses to any request or question that I asked of them. Thanks again Hennessy Real Estate team. You definitely won’t regret having them as your realtor/property agent.” – Paul Sio

“Ben and his team have seen us through some difficult times in the five years we’ve dealt with Hennessy’s with the kind of service you rarely find these days. Michelle our property manager has been so helpful throughout our tenancies. Can only say good things about them.” – Jimmy Walker

A great agent will guide you through the process of selling or buying your home and deliver factual advice based on the current market and your hopes and dreams regarding the sale result.

The process of selling certainly works best when a partnership type relationship is forged between you and your agent and with all parties aiming for the same goal.

So remember when you are thinking of choosing an agent to assist you with selling your home, or guiding you through the process of buying your next home or investment, find an agent that you feel understands what you are trying to achieve, and most importantly actually cares about helping you.

For further advice on all things real estate visit or call in to speak with the Hennessy team.

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