The best and brightest minds in the Wee Waa district were put to the test on Friday at the golf club’s popular trivia night.

However, the evening wasn’t just about nailing the answers to curly questions from quizmaster John Galagher; it was also a fun social gathering and a fundraiser for the club.

“It was a really fun night,” said golf club secretary and main organiser Anna Baird.

“We had a variety of people attend, all different ages and from different places – there were three teams from Narrabri this year too.

“And one table was celebrating a hen’s night, I think they had a ball,” said Mrs Baird.

“We try to make it so people will know at least eight out of 10 questions, so it is enjoyable for everyone.”

Mrs Baird thanked the attendees, volunteers and generosity of local businesses and sponsors who supported the trivia night, helping to raise money for improvements at the golf club.

“The outright winners were the Two Figs team, second place was the Test Eagles, third the Burren Braintrust and fourth the Whizz Kids.”

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