Rosie Davies started as a young five-year-old Joey Scout with the 1st Narrabri West Scout group and since then has worked very hard towards her peak award – the Joey Scout Challenge.

Now seven, Rosie has completed the challenge conducted within the Joey Scout sector, finishing a level three milestone.

The level three milestone encompasses core skills in outdoor adventure, which includes camping, bushwalking, bushcraft, and any of the six remaining outdoor skills within the areas of alpine, aquatica, boating, cycling, paddling and vertical.

Demonstrating leadership skills is a vital component whilst completing six special interest areas.

For the final section of challenge, Rosie took the steps needed to complete a personal reflection of the time she has experienced in the Joey Scouts group.

Community projects are an important element of the reflection period, and Rosie chose to make a donation of toys to charity with the Narrabri Salvation Army organisation.

Rosie’s next scouting journey will be the Cub Scout sector.

Cub Scouts continue the journey from Joey Scouts and is for young people aged 8–11, focussing on exploring the outdoors and setting more complex and progressive future challenges.

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