The junior and senior 2021 Narrabri Showgirl candidates have begun the judging process.

This year, three juniors and four seniors have entered the competition.

They will be judged at two events, a luncheon and cocktail evening, before the winner is announced on the Friday of the show weekend.

The girls will then spend the weekend helping out the show committee and stewards with the running of events.

On Sunday April 18, the young ladies assembled at The Tourist Hotel for a group lunch and individual interviews.

Each contestant had a private interview with the three judges, breaking for a meal partway through.

This year’s judges include former show sponsor and Little Niche Shop owner Tash Elder, Narrabri Lions Club president Tom Bennett and show horticulture steward and life member Wendy McNair.

The junior Showgirl candidates were asked about their interests and hobbies, as well as their knowledge of the local area.

The seniors were quizzed with similar questions, and were also asked about their understanding of Narrabri Shire Council and the area’s commodities.

This Wednesday, the ladies will gather at the Narrabri Showgrounds on a lawn marquee for their second judging event, the cocktail evening.

The night will be a chance for judges to see how the contestants mingle and network, and the senior nominees will also be judged on how they perform when presented with on-stage impromptu questions.

This year, Erin Flower, Lillie Mae-Groth and Piper Williams will be competing in the junior category.

They all currently attend Narrabri High School and range in ages from 14 to 16.

Their interests range from sports like basketball, swimming and horse riding, to creative hobbies like singing, drama and sewing.

Each is highly ambitious, with goals and aspirations unique to the individual.

Erin hopes to finish Year 12 and attend Tocal College for a year, before enrolling in university to study occupational therapy or psychology, then moving back to the country.

Lillie aims to attend an acting school after finishing her secondary studies, before finding a job in the performance community.

Piper wants to become a veterinarian, while continuing her involvement in equine events, with the hope of soon buying her own stock horse foal.

Grace Hardman, Brianna Strickland, Georgia Hardman and Gemma Ferguson are this year’s senior Showgirl nominees.

These contestants all attended Narrabri High School too, but have now finished with their secondary studies, and are aged from 18 to 24.

They work across a range of industries, including farming, childcare, baking and journalism.

The interests and hobbies of the senior nominees include league tag, camping, hunting, reading, travel, live sport, ladies’ rugby, spending time with family, friends and pets, swimming, sewing, netball and writing.

The senior contestants have a range of ambitions, and many believe the Showgirl experience will help bring them closer to their goals.

Grace wants to go into the mining or gas industry and believes her participation in the Showgirl competition will help improve her self-confidence and public speaking abilities.

Brianna says she hopes this experience will bring her out of her shell before she goes on to pursue her bachelor qualification in high performance sport, and one day work for the NRL.

Georgia says Showgirl will allow her to spend quality time with her fellow contestants, including her sister, before finishing her pastry chef apprenticeship then travelling, and coming back to Narrabri to open her own pastry shop.

Gemma hopes the competition will allow her to reconnect with the local community, for which she delivers the news through her position at The Courier.

Junior showgirls: Piper Williams, Lillie Mae-Groth and Erin Flower.

Junior showgirls: Piper Williams, Lillie Mae-Groth and Erin Flower.

Senior showgirls: Brianna Strickland, Gemma Ferguson, Georgia Hardman and Grace Hardman.

Senior showgirls: Brianna Strickland, Gemma Ferguson, Georgia Hardman and Grace Hardman.

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