Many in the community will not be familiar with the name George Foxe.

The late Mr Foxe was a World War I Light Horse veteran, a builder who for decades constructed flats, houses and commercial buildings in the Narrabri district.

The Narrabri Showground pavilion which bears his name was built by Mr Foxe in 1932.

Mr Foxe was not only a builder who enjoyed a reputation for great workmanship, he was a keen horticulturist and flower exhibitor.

Over the past 88 years, the George Foxe Horticulture Pavilion has been the venue for fantastic flower shows, displays of arts and crafts, pottery and even acts as a dormitory for Pony Camp riders.

The pavilion, however, has had its day and is to be demolished some time after the Narrabri Show this weekend.

The Narrabri Garden Club wants to mark the end of an era of flower shows at the pavilion and welcome its modern replacement.

“The George Foxe Pavilion has sadly well and truly reached its use by date,” garden club publicity officer Elizabeth Spicer said.

The unlined and un-insulated building has been a great venue, but cold in winter and hot in summer as the sun beats down on its corrugated iron roof.

There are holes in various parts of the walls which have offered an entry for snakes.

“It’s time for a new pavilion,” the garden club members agree.

“The rich history of displays and competitions has involved many of the district’s long established families,” commented vice president Noeline Kiss.

The garden club is determined to mark the milestone demolition of the old pavilion and plans to hold their May meeting in the pavilion to say goodbye to the iconic building.

This will be the occasion for a modest celebratory event of some kind and the club is contemplating the form of the function, probably a morning tea at their May meeting and possible inclusion of a prominent gardening guest.

The Garden Club members would like to display some of the history of garden shows at the pavilion on the occasion.

“We are looking for any memorabilia, photos, trophies etc. which can used in a display for the last meeting and are asking for them to be brought to the pavilion during the 2021 Show on the weekend,” said Mrs Kiss.

“The club is also researching the naming of the pavilion to honour George Foxe, a prominent community member, and we hope to have that story on display as well.”

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