Students have travelled from far and wide this week to gather in Narrabri for the Science and Engineering Challenge.

Their STEM abilities have been put to the test at The Crossing Theatre as they undertake a variety of experiments and challenges that relate to the science and engineering worlds.

This year’s event started on Tuesday, June 8, and ran until Thursday, when the high schoolers took on the Challenge.

The students work in small groups on a range of different problems, with perhaps the most anticipated exercise being the bridge challenge.

Here, students are tasked with assembling a bridge from a variety of craft materials.

They’re asked to use teamwork and their problem-solving abilities to create the most sturdy bridge for a toy car in the allotted time.

The creations are then put to the test in front of the audience of students, with the car rolling over the bridge and more weight being added to the vehicle until the bridge buckles.

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