For its part in the Pink Up Namoi, Boggabri is coming up with new and innovative ideas to promote breast cancer awareness and raise much needed funds.

The local committee has been working in the background laying some foundations while COVID-19 has held the spotlight – not anymore!

October first saw the locals come out in force in pink.

Pink clothing, pink earrings, pink shirts, pink hair, pink shop windows, pink signs, decorative pink bras, however, it is one shop window display that has everyone talking.

Donna Turner has filled her shop front with a wonderful display of breasts.

The display is impressive during the day but equally impressive at night with all the beautiful soft lights.

Five brave local women took off their tops and had plaster casts made of their breasts for display to create awareness that we are all different shapes, sizes and colours, with the centre cast showing a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

The display has important messages for women and men to ‘feel them or lose them’.

The mastectomy cast says, ‘detect it, treat it, defeat it’.

Other messages say, fight like a girl, along with some pink boxing gloves, all have the pink cancer ribbon on them along with vibrant colours and decorations.

The ladies’ ages ranged from 20 to 70.

A lot of fun but also a lot of work, since no one had done this before and really had no idea what they were doing, it was just a great idea.

The project turned into many hours of sanding and painting, a few lessons were learnt along the way, however the outcome was fantastic.

Milchengowrie has decorated its property sign with an enormous pink bow and light which brings the sign to life at night.

A pink up your bra competition has a few entries with more expected prior to the Boggabri Rotary, Pink Angel family fun day on October 24.

Numerous raffles and 100 clubs have been organised.

Baan Baa’s contribution to Pink Up Namoi is being coordinated by Boggabri and a sold-out event and was held on Friday, October 8.

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