After a month of fundraising for Pink Up Namoi, the Boggabri committee is rejoicing in their success.

Two committee members, Joanne Tailby and Margaret Ryan were very proud and happy with the results.

“I said I would be happy if we raised $2000 but to raise $18,953 is fantastic, just unbelievable,” Mrs Ryan said.

While it was only a small organising committee there were lots of community members willing to jump in and help where needed.

Mrs Tailby kept saying, “I am so happy, I’m so proud and happy.”

“Boggabri people are just so generous.

“Thank you to everyone who helped, it is a massive effort and you can all be very proud.

“It also goes to show there is massive community support and hope in our town.”

The window display was won by Boggy Books for its display of local ladies’ plaster cast breasts.

The display caught everyone’s eye, not just the judges.

In presenting the gift voucher to Donna Turner, Mrs Tailby said: “Congratulations Donna, your display was innovative and if the competition was run between Wee Waa, Narrabri and Boggabri I think you would have won hands down.

“It certainly got the awareness message across with people of all ages talking about the display. Thank you.”

“Thank you, however, it was the brave ladies who took their tops off and had their boobs covered in plaster that made it a success, they were wonderful,” Ms Turner said.

“It’s all thanks to them that it was a success, we just put the display together”.

Other businesses in Boggabri decorated their windows and there were colouring-in entries displayed.

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