Narrabri Public School pupils are stepping out safely to cross busy roads with the guidance of escorting members of the teaching staff and Narrabri Rotarians.

Work on new kerbing and guttering along Barwan Street adjacent to the school has been underway for some months and will continue for weeks yet.

The construction has reached the stage where the normal Barwan Street zebra crossing, usually supervised by a ‘lollipop lady,’ is not able to be used.

With the road disruption and changed traffic flow, the usual busy car, truck and bus movements are now spread across Doyle and Dewhurst streets as well as Barwan.

“Safety of the children and school community is our first priority,” said school principal Marion Tame.

“So we initiated new road crossing safety arrangements on Thursday.

“Pupils are escorted across the road by staff members at the end of Barwan Street and other roads.

“And Narrabri Rotary has stepped forward, and Rotarians are helping with escorting pupils across the street.”

Rotarians are keeping an eagle eye on the kids alongside the teaching staff, safely shepherding pupils across the roads before and after school.

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