The Narrabri and District Tennis Association’s first four-person doubles competition of the year began last Wednesday at the Dangar Park Tennis Centre.

The competition takes the form of both an A-grade and B-grade round robin matchplay.

Each week a team will play against one of the other teams in its competition.

Six sets are battled out between each team and its opposition.

The team which wins the most combined games is the winner of the match.

Currently, there are five A-grade teams and four B-grade teams, but there is still room for more teams in either grade as well as individual or pair nominations as teams can be found.

In round one of the A-grade competition Team Warwick defeated Team Dean 32-21, and Team Kirky defeated Team Bushy 36-7.

Team Callum had the bye.

The A-grade point score after the first round is as follows:

Warwick 4, Kirky 4, Callum 3, Dean 2 and Bushy 2.

The B-grade competition was scheduled to start last week as well but some technical difficulties delayed the play.

However, an assortment of players still managed to take to the courts.

That competition is now set to begin this week with the nominated teams, Team Hartnett, Team Ford, The Made Up Team and Team Sara looking to kick-off their respective 2020 championship claims in style.

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