The local Red Cross members met at the Narrabri RSL on Wednesday, July 21, for their annual general meeting (AGM).

This comes after their 2020 AGM was cancelled due to COVID.

Socially distanced seating was set up, and members were asked to wear masks (except when eating, drinking or smiling for photos).

Narrabri Shire Council was represented by Councillor Ron Campey on the day.

President, Max Pringle OAM, opened the meeting and explained that the 2018/2019 committee members remained throughout 2019/2020 since the group didn’t have an AGM last year.

He said they’d be re-electing the committee members at this meeting, before delivering his annual report.

“The knitters of the group have been doing a great job crafting scarves, throws and trauma teddies,” he said in his report.

“Our last social knitting day was a success, giving members the chance to catch up and craft together.”

Later in the AGM, Red Cross discussed the possibility of planning another social event, but determined it may not be possible given the current restrictions.

Member Kath Davis also announced that over 500 trauma teddies have now been made for those in need across the Narrabri Shire.

“It’s quite a feat for such a small group,” she said.

Mr Pringle’s president’s report also touched on Red Cross training and the 2020 Christmas street stall and raffle – both of which were cancelled due to COVID.

“However, we made up for the street stall in May this year,” he explained.

“We hope to have this year’s Christmas fundraiser in November, pending the restrictions.”

Finally, Mr Pringle extended his thanks to the local community for its support.

“We’ve had great coverage from the local paper and radio, and the RSL has been kind enough to let us meet here,” he said.

“Furthermore, residents have generously donated to the Red Cross consistently.”

Next, the Red Cross treasurer delivered a report on the group’s income and expenses.

Cr Campey then chaired the election of officer bearers.

Di Streeter nominated Mr Pringle for president, who ran unopposed.

All members voted for his re-election, making it Mr Pringle’s fourth year in the role.

Mr Pringle then nominated Mrs Michell for secretary, who was also re-elected after all members voted for her.

Gil Kahl was nominated for treasurer by Sue Hunt, and re-elected with the group’s full support.

The vice president roles were filled by Kath Davis (first vice) and Dawn Armstrong (second vice).

Sue Hunt and Betty Miller were recognised as Red Cross patrons, and Mrs Streeter was acknowledged for her work as the red purse keeper.

This concluded the AGM, which was followed by an ordinary general meeting.

Members discussed Red Cross zone representation, future social events, the next meeting and how fundraising efforts will be impacted by COVID rules.

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