The latest Red Cross AGM revealed an exciting new milestone hit by the knitters of the group: 500 trauma teddies made for those in need.

The toys are created with wool and feature a Red Cross badge.

The hand-crafted teddies have been made for any local people who may be battling trauma, explained Kath Davis.

“We make them for anyone in need, mainly the hospitals, schools and day cares, but I even gave some to the local ambos recently,” she said.

“They’re popular among young kids too, who may be facing injections or medical unknowns, to ease their anxiety.”

Mrs Davis, Red Cross vice president, said she’s extremely proud of the team for their hard work.

“I know we’ve made over 500 because I’ve had to place another order from the supplier in Dubbo,” she said.

“The ladies have done a great job, especially during the pandemic – they’ve just been pumping them out.”

“And that’s on top of the scarves, beanies and blankets we knit and crochet for the local elderly.”

Mrs Davis says Red Cross members and their friends have been knitting both in their own time and together as a group.

“Before the latest restrictions came in, we hosted a craft day,” she said.

“Which is a lovely occasion to catch up and relax together – even the men came along to enjoy cups of coffee and conversation with friends.”

The group is always welcoming newcomers and donations, Mrs Davis explained.

“If you’d like to help out with our crafting endeavours you can contact either myself or the Red Cross president, Max Pringle,” she said.

“We’re also open to new Red Cross members.”

“Or, if you’d like to donate, we accept eight ply acrylic wool because it works for both the woollen knits and the trauma teddies.”

“That material also ensures that the blankets we craft, for the aged care facilities, can be run through the washing machines and driers so they’re safe and clean to share among residents.”

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