By Publicity Officer 

Once again the Narrabri Red Cross ladies and their friends have been busy knitting.

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good and now with the lockdown caused by COVID, these ladies have found more time to knit throws which will be presented to Whiddon Jessie Hunt for use by the residents.

Red Cross were always busy looking for ways to help the community as well as wider regions.

So many trauma teddies, beanies, scarves and throws have been knitted this year alone that the knitters must soon run out of 8-ply wool.

Due to the recent COVID lockdown, we is unable to run some of the regular fundraisers, but hopefully that will all change soon and we will be able to get out there among the community again.

As well as the throws, Red Cross has also donated around a dozen trauma teddies to a pre-school.

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